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Take the pain out of paying
How Buy Now Pay Later increases sales in B2B webshops
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Reduce the pain your customers feel when paying to boost sales and fast-track your business growth.

The effects of payment on our well-being and behavior have been studied for decades and the findings are crystal clear.

Complicated payment processes trigger and increase the pain of paying. This pain can become so great that it exceeds a buyer’s desire to purchase, leading them to abandon their shopping cart.

Despite this, many B2B webshops continue to provide complicated and friction-filled payment experiences that maximize the pain of paying.

In this masterclass, e-commerce expert and Mondu Co-Founder Malte Huffmann breaks down how B2B webshops can take the pain out of paying and deliver a smoother payment experience with BNPL.

In this masterclass, you’ll learn:

✓ What the “pain of paying” means
Key pain points in B2B online payments
✓ What today’s B2B buyers expect in a payment experience and the challenges this presents B2B webshops
✓ The core requirements for a good payment setup
✓ How Buy Now Pay Later reduces the pain of paying and increases sales

Who should watch this?

This masterclass is for B2B webshops and marketplaces of all sizes looking to upgrade their payment experience, drive higher sales and fully exploit the growth potential of their business.


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Malte Huffmann is an ecommerce expert and Co-Founder and co-CEO of Mondu, a Berlin-based fintech revolutionizing B2B payments. As Co-Founder and Managing Director of Dafiti, Malte helped build the leading ecommerce fashion and lifestyle platform in South America before taking it public in 2019.